Managers Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing Manager Duties

Although each team must have a Head Manager, we suggest that the managerial responsibilities be shared by several team parents.

Some possible divisions of labour
Finances/Treasurer Tournament Coordinator
Ice Management Fundraising
Sponsorships Game sheets
Social Activities Stats
Team Website Dressing Room duty
Penalty box duty Team refreshments


The 2014/15 hourly rates for games at Nepean arenas are:

Tier 1: $11/game House League: Novice, Atom, Peewee
Competitive: Novice, Atom, Peewee
Tier 2: $13/game House League: Bantam
Competitive: Bantam A, Bantam BB, Bantam B, Bantam C
Tier 3: $14/game House League: Midget
Competitive: Midget BB, Midget B, Midget C
Tier 4: $19/game Competitive: Bantam AA
Tier 5: $21/game Competitive: Midget AA, Midget A
Tier 6: $29/game Competitive: Intermediate AA

Take to the rink

What? Where do I get it?
Referee Assignor emergency phone # 6l3-793-0518
Timekeeper Assigner phone # NGHA website - Contacts
First Aid Kit purchased by team
Game sheets ODWHA/NGHA
Player medical forms Team Manager/Trainer
Timekeeper Instructions NGHA website - Timekeepers Corner
Copy of OWHA team registration NGHA Registrar
Envelope addressed to League Discipline Director ODWHA/MOGHL Mandatory meeting
Envelope addressed to League Division Statistician Team Manager
Stamps for above envelopes Team Manager

Bingo Credits

Those who work NGHA Bingos can use their credits for team fees. The person working the Bingo contacts the Bingo Coordinator to tell him/her the amount to be credited and to whom the cheque is to be made payable. The Bingo Coordinator contacts the NGHA Treasurer and arranges to have the cheque issued. Once the cheque is ready, the NGHA Treasurer notifies the person who worked the Bingo that the cheque is ready for pick up. That person then picks up the cheque and gives it to the team Manager.

NOTE: Bingo credits may only be used towards player team fees (team budget) and not against any amount paid at registration.

Team Officials/Volunteers

All teams must have a certified Coach and a certified Trainer in attendance at all team activities.

Only Team Officials (those who will be on the ice or the bench) need to be registered with the OWHA.

The NGHA will pay the OWHA registration fee and insurance for the equivalent of 7 Team Officials per team. Cost of the Respect in Sport program for 5 den moms.
The team must pay the applicable fees for all others.

Team Officials who are registered on a different OWHA affiliated team, either as a player or as a Team Official, must obtain a Proof of Insurance form from that team/association.

The appointment of all Team Officials must be approved by the NGHA Program Committee
All Team Officials and Volunteers must consent to a Police Record Check (PRC) at least every 2 years and attend/have attended a Speak Out Session or taken Respect in Sport online.

See website home page for PCR and SpeakOut procedures.

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Practice Ice and Ice Management

The practice ice will be posted in the NGHA website as it is allocated. Please note that the timing of the early season practice ice allocation and just before playoffs is dependant on the receipt of ODWHA and MOGHL schedules. As we usually do not receive them until just before the start of the regular or playoff season, practice ice during these times will be allocated a few days at a time. Teams must be prepared to go on the ice at 24 hours notice.

Teams manage their ice times and off ice activities using the online NGHA Ice Management System (IMS). Each team must appoint an Ice Contact. This person then contacts the NGHA Ice Director to receive their username and password for access to the IMS.

The IMS allows teams to:
- Submit the team’s blackout dates to the Ice Director for approval/denial
- View/update the team’s schedule
- Edit the usage of the ice time – eg. change practice to exhibition game
- Request to turn back the ice time that the team cannot use to the NGHA - the Ice Director will approve or deny the request
- Post postponed and/or rescheduled league games
- Add non-NGHA allocated ice times and/or activities to the team’s schedule (e.g. Off ice training, tournament games, exhibition games on away ice)
- Trade ice times with other NGHA teams
- Claim ice times that have been indicated as available by the Ice Director
- Request the Ice Director’s help to find additional ice given a specific date or date range
- View the team’s ice invoice(s)
All of the above functions must be done using the IMS. Contact the Ice Director directly only for urgent matters.
Team Ice Contacts will be expected to log in and check for messages from the Ice Director and other teams every day or so.

NOTE: You must use the latest full version of Internet Explorer when accessing the IMS, not a test/Beta version or any other web browser (e.g Netscape).

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Game responsibilities - all games

Your team must have a certified Coach and Trainer on the bench at all your games. His/her trainer certification number must be on the game sheet.
Fill in your section of the game sheet.
Lock the dressing room during the game. Be prepared to leave your car keys with the arena staff when you get the dressing room key.

At the end of the game, check that all of the information on the game sheet is properly recorded, that you get your copy of the game sheet and that the opposing team gets their copy.
Ensure that the dressing room is left clean and no articles are left behind.
Handle any suspensions.

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League game costs and responsibilities

All costs associated with league games are covered by NGHA registration fees.

The referees and timekeeper for the game will have been arranged by the league (ODWHA) and the NGHA, respectively.

Home Games

You must provide the game sheet for home games. It is your responsibility to see that the game sheet is completely filled in, except for the VISITOR section, with the appropriate signatures, game # and team OWHA #, Arena infor, in plenty of time to give the opposing team the opportunity to fill in their roster before game time. You must also ensure that the game sheet is ready for the timekeeper at least 5 minutes before game time.

About 15 minutes before the game is to start, check that the referees and the timekeeper are there. If the referees have not arrived (they may be on the ice referring a game in progress!), phone the Referee-in-Chief Emergency Assigning Number; he will call you back ASAP. If the timekeeper has not arrived, arrange for a parent to do the timekeeping duties, giving him/her the copy of the Timekeeper Instructions that you carry with you to all games. Report the lack of an assigned timekeeper to the NGHA Timekeeper assigner after the game.

Ensure that there is an adult in the penalty box to open and close the doors and relay information between the referee and the timekeeper.
Report the game results as required.

Away Games

Fill in the VISITOR side of the game sheet, supplied by the opposing team, with the appropriate player and team staff information and signatures.

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Exhibition game costs and responsibilities

All costs incurred for exhibition games must be paid by the teams.

If you are arranging an exhibition game with a team that is not sanctioned by the OWHA (e.g.. a boy’s or out of province team), you must get OWHA approval by submitting an OWHA Request for Sanction form. The approval can sometimes take some time, so be sure to apply well in advance.

It is the two teams' responsibility to arrange for the referees and timekeeper at an exhibition game and to pay them in cash at the end of the game.
Teams generally share the responsibilities and cost of an exhibition game (i.e. ice, referees, timekeeper). As a general practice, the home team will provide the game sheet and arrange for the referees and timekeeper.

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Tournament costs and responsibilities

Normally all costs associated with tournaments are covered by the tournament entry fee.
If you are entering a tournament that is not sanctioned by the OWHA (e.g.. a boy’s or out of province team), you must get OWHA approval by submitting an OWHA Request for Sanction form. The approval can sometimes take some time, so be sure to apply well in advance.

Book hotel rooms for the team if the tournament is out of town. Note that is NGHA policy that the team pay for hotel accommodation for non-parent coach(es) for out of town tournaments.
Ensure that all team members have hotel and arena directions, the tournament schedule, tournament rules etc.

Distribute any tournament programs, mementos etc to the team members.

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Playdown game costs and responsibilities

All costs incurred for playdown games must be paid by the teams. As a general practice, costs for a particular game are paid by the home team.

It is the two teams' responsibility to arrange for the referees and timekeepers for regional play down games and to pay them in cash at the end of each game.

Report the game score and give the white copy of the game sheet to the OWHA Regional Director

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Volunteers Needed

The NGHA is looking for volunteers to help support the growth and operations of our Associations. We always have a need for dedicated volunteers who are able to donate their time and skills to help make our association the best in the region.