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We welcome all expressions of interest to volunteer with the NGHA. Our Association is also committed to growing the number of women involved in on-ice and bench staff positions including coaches, assistant coaches, on-ice help and trainers.

This commitment is both in line with the Coaching Association of Canada's national campaign to increase the number of coaching opportunities for women at all levels of sport, and a resolution of the NGHA Board of Directors.

Volunteer Requirements:

All NGHA volunteers (coach, assistant coach, on-ice help, trainer, den mom, etc.) working directly with our players require a current (within 2 years) Police Records Check, and must have either attended a Speak Out session or completed the online Respect in Sport program.

For more information, please see our Volunteer Screening Requirements page.

All NGHA volunteers who have NO interaction with the players, but who handle NGHA team money must provide a current (within 2 years) Criminal Records Check.

Police Record Check

If you submitted a PRC or CRC to Police services, ensure you provide your processed form, when you receive it in the mail, to Machelle Giovagnoli

Deadline to receive processed PRC forms is October 15th.

Speak Out/Respect in Sport

Speak Out is a requirement of the NGHA for every volunteer that works with the girls. As of September 2012 Hockey Canada "Respect in Sport" will equal a volunteer's speak out for the NGHA. The cost for this program is $30. Since the NGHA charges $20 for an NGHA sponsored Speak Out program the NGHA will only pay $20 in reimbursement for the Respect in Sport program.

A person will need to register as a new user - selecting Nepean GHA as their home association.

Submit speak out cards or Respect in Sport results to Machelle Giovagnoli

Volunteers Needed

The NGHA is looking for volunteers to help support the growth and operations of our Associations. We always have a need for dedicated volunteers who are able to donate their time and skills to help make our association the best in the region.

Reach out to contact the NGHA - Visit the contact list at
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