Competitive Contacts

Competitive Convenors
Role Name
Novice/Atom Dean O'Brien
Peewee Jamie Leppard
Bantam Brent Byrnes
Midget Dave Nordquist

Competitive Coaches & Managers
Team Coach Contact
MCAA Shannon Donnelly Contact
MCAA 2 Eliot Spencer Contact
MCA Dean O'Brien Contact
MCBB Paul Lafreniere Contact
MCB Claude Boucher and and Ed Vandesande Contact
MCC Matt Klassen Contact
BCAA Toby Burkitt Contact
BCA Pascal de Brienne Contact
BCA Mike Smith Contact
BCBB Karla Clarke Contact
BCB Ken Tricker Contact
PCAA Tony Ricciuti Contact
PCA Aurele Tremblay Contact
PCBB Mel Caldwell Contact
PCB Brent Byrnes and Wayne Leipmann Contact
PCC Steve Clermont Contact
ACAA Maggie Brennan Contact
ACA Jennifer Marriner Contact
ACB Cory Cosgrove Contact
ACC Marilyn Mayard Contact
NCB TBD Contact

Bantam A teams and Midget B teams will be balanced teams at each level.

Please join us in congratulating our coaches and wishing them a successful 2019-2020 season.

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