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The NGHA Competitive Program is a dynamic, skill based program, dedicated to the progressive development of the players at the highest level. The Competitive Stream philosophy is based on the teaching and development of high level individual skills and team & individual tactics. This is achieved within safe and caring team cultures where our athletes learn to push themselves and their teammates to be their very best, both on and off the ice.

The NGHA strives to foster the love of sport and competition. Our program provides an avenue for high level female athletes to embrace their love of hockey within a system of coaching that ensures progressive teaching methods that implement best practices of coaching and teaching.

Most of all we love hockey and think it should be fun for everyone involved and at all levels.


The NGHA Competitive Stream runs teams at multiple levels and tiers. At all levels players are evaluated through a tryout process prior to the beginning of each season, and incorporates Coach feedback to ensure that players are comprehensively evaluated and land at the level appropriate for their age and skill level.

Tryout schedule and results are available here.

Import Policy
The Ottawa and District Girls Hockey import policy is available here.

Questions related to tryouts can be directed to our two Competitive Directors: Jamie Leppard and Marty White.


Competitive Directors:

Jamie Leppard -
Marty White -

Competitive Convenors:

U18 - TBC
U15 - TBC
U13 - TBC
U11 - TBC

Coaches for the 2021-22 Season

AA - Joel Yates
A - Mike Smith
A - Pascal De Brienne
BB - John Sunstrum
B - Jeff Wingate
B - Steve Periard

AA - Eliot Spencer
A - Paul Lafreniere
BB - Brent Byrnes
B - Kyle Brydges
B - Derek Hall

AA - Jenn Marriner / Cory Cosgrove
A - Dean O'Brien
BB - Eric Pickering
B - Justin Jedlinski
C - Andrea Johnson / Burke Murphy

AA - Shannon MacDougall / Mike Clark
A - Rob Mahoney
B - Alison Sargent / Kara Brush
C - Tim Underhill

A - Kevin Brewer



Volunteers Needed

The NGHA is looking for volunteers to help support the growth and operations of our Associations. We always have a need for dedicated volunteers who are able to donate their time and skills to help make our association the best in the region.

Reach out to contact the NGHA - Visit the contact list at
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