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Drill and Skills Database

We want to ensure that you have all the drills that you need in order to drive your players and your team forward in their development. On this page, you will find a series of different categories for drills as well as the ability to download a set of drills from DrillDraw - the NGHA's preferred practice planning software.

Drills and Skills Database

Looking for drills? We have a full database of skill specific drills all linked to the latest Hockey Canada videos.

Practice and Season Plans

Season plans are imperative for success over the course of our season. View the other coaches season plans.

Age Level Skills and Drills

Educating coaches to be able to develop strong and consistently better practice plans and seasonal plans.

Other Documents

Looking for inspiration for your team? Policy documents and goal oriented documents to share with the team.

Volunteers Needed

The NGHA is looking for volunteers to help support the growth and operations of our Associations. We always have a need for dedicated volunteers who are able to donate their time and skills to help make our association the best in the region.

Reach out to contact the NGHA - Visit the contact list at
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