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NGHA Financial Assistance Policy

Statement of Purpose

The NGHA recognizes that it can be expensive to play hockey and strives to ensure that every child who wants to play hockey has the opportunity to do so. The NGHA’s financial assistance program provides financial assistance to NGHA players/families who otherwise may not have the financial resources to play hockey for the season and would suffer undue hardship as a result of the NGHA registration fee and other associated team costs.


Need is the primary consideration in approving an application for assistance.
Financial assistance is limited to the NGHA Fall/Winter season registered players.
Financial assistance applicants’ names will be kept confidential to the members of the Finance Committee.
The Board of Directors will ratify decisions regarding financial assistance, with recommendations from the Financial Committee.


Financial assistance is limited to minor aged players (Fundamentals through Midget inclusive).

Players/families must maximize utilization of additional fund raising opportunities, by providing commitment to:

NGHA Bingos
Pursuit of sponsorships
Team fund raising

Players who have been NGHA members for at least one previous year are given a higher priority for financial assistance than new registrants.

The following criteria will also be considered in establishing eligibility:
Exceptional circumstances e.g. death in family, martial breakdown, job loss
Number of children
Number of children playing hockey and other sports
Family income below $60,000 NGHA

Application Process

Players/families wishing to applying for financial assistance must:

1. Submit an application form to the Treasurer with a signature attesting to complete and accurate disclosure. Applications can be found at: NGHAFinancialAssistanceForm.pdf

2. Submit copies of the family’s Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notices of Assessment as proof of family income.

3. Attend an interview with the NGHA Financial Committee, if required.

Applications must be submitted to the Treasurer by May 1.

Degree of Assistance

The Board of Directors will fix a yearly maximum amount available for financial assistance.
Individual assistance limits, per players, are as follows:
Registration fees – up to full amount
Team Fees for Fall/Winter season – up to full amount
House League – up to $350
Competitive (regardless of team category) – up to $450

Other Resources

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program
Lace'Em Up Foundation for Kids

Policy updated on: September 25, 2013 NGHA Financial Assistance Policy 2

Financial Assistance Policy (2013) Download
Financial Assistance Form (2013) Download
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