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The development of this policy was compiled through a concerted effort between all the Associations with the goal of having each of our Associations girls’ hockey teams compete at the highest possible level based on the composition of the players within our own Associations.

The new policy allows for imports starting at Peewee ONLY as no longer are IMPORTS PERMITTED AT Novice/Atom Competitive levels and allows for imports as outlined below:

• Any Peewee AA, Bantam AA and Midget AA Age and Tier Category in any Association can ONLY register up to three (3) import players in any given season;
• Any Intermediate, Midget, Bantam, Peewee A/BB/B/C Age and Tier Category as a group are permitted up to three (3) import players combined.
• This import policy does not apply to House league, Intermediate AA or Senior hockey.

The new Import Policy also allows for an exemption to this policy should both Association Presidents agree.

While this new policy reduces the usual annual movement, it does not eliminate players from playing at a level appropriate. It also promotes and helps Associations by allowing them to build their player and skills base internally with the longer term goal of growing quality competitive and sustainable hockey in Ottawa regardless of where you play.

See specific women’s hockey Association Websites for more information.


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