The NGHA adheres to the OWHA and Hockey Canada concussion policies, and the Hockey Canada Safety Program return to play guidelines, as set out below.

Hockey Canada has a wide range of resources available to help coaches, trainers and parents prevent concussions and to be better prepared to recognize concussions, seek medical attention and return to play:

OWHA Concussion Policy

Policy Approved September 2017

The Ontario Women’s Hockey Association believes that the safety and health of female hockey players is of paramount importance. When an individual has suffered a suspected concussion, the following steps must be taken :

Any female hockey player who suffers a suspected concussion must stop participation in the hockey activity immediately. If there is doubt as to whether a concussion has occurred, it is to be assumed that it has
When a player is diagnosed by a medical doctor as having a concussion, the individual must stop participation in all hockey activities immediately
The participant is not permitted to return to any hockey activity until written permission is given by a medical doctor

** Note - Return to full participation shall follow the adopted Hockey Canada Safety Program return to play guidelines.
Hockey Canada Concussion Card/Return to Play:

Pre Season Meeting

It is the recommendation of the OWHA that all OWHA teams hold a pre-season meeting with players, parents and staff in attendance. An important item on the agenda is concussion education. We urge all members, at the beginning of every hockey season, to view the concussion resources available including those listed below:

Concussion Resources

Hockey Canada Team Meeting Sample View PDF
Hockey Canada Concussion Toolbox View Website
Hockey Canada Concussion Card View PDF
Hockey Canada Concussion Recognition View PDF
Hockey Canada Clean Concussion Tool View PDF
Emergency Action Plan Template View PDF
Download the Hockey Canada Concussion App View Website
Parachute Canada, Preventing Injuries Saving Lives View Website
Concussion Policy, Follow-up, Communication Form View PDF

Volunteers Needed

The NGHA is looking for volunteers to help support the growth and operations of our Associations. We always have a need for dedicated volunteers who are able to donate their time and skills to help make our association the best in the region.