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IMS Application is High Risk

Security Vulnerabilities

- passwords stored in plain text

- https:// not initiated on site

- server and database no longer support

System Incompatibility

- unable to integtrate into website
- application is server and db dependant

Limited Support

- costs to maintain from developer


- cannot scale to meet new needs

Data Storage
- cannot manipulate data
- data not portable


Annual Budget ~$1000s +
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope
  • Nope

DnC Ice Scheduling

$2 250 + per Year
  • Auto import ice contracts !!
  • Maintain Arena Contracts
  • Validate Schedules
  • Teams Update Contact Info
  • NGHA Customizable
  • Multiple Administrators
  • Reports and more Reports
  • Accessible to all Roles


Did you hear what I said ? Quickly perform bulk uploads of City of Ottawa ice contracts and your ice schedules. Large associations can upload a full year of ice contracts in a matter of hours.


Report on your ice cost and scheduling distribution. Confirm your ice is distributed equally and fairly. DnC Scheduling has reporting on unfavourable schedule allocations based on age and caliber of teams. The administrator defines what hours and locations are unfavourable. View your running ice costs. View your contract ice by season, month, week or even day to see where you have an abundance or shortage of ice

Maintain Arena Contracts

System maintains contracts separately from schedules. Contracts are used to calculate your available ice to schedule. Track your arena costs and view reports to see where you have an abundance or shortage of ice.


The system is highly configurable. Your association banner displays and there is a link to your association's website. You define divisions, teams, arena locations, schedule types, contract sources, and budget categories that suit your association.

Valid Schedules

When your contracts are accurate, valid ice schedules follow. The system checks purchased ice when scheduling events. It prevents double booking by comparing schedules against games, tournaments, and other team blackouts.

Process Allocation

Create multiple administrator users. You can divide the scheduling role to a number of individuals sharing the workload. Schedules can be allocated into categories to divide up duties.

Self Service

Teams enter and maintain their contact info and receive automated schedule updates by email. Teams can enter their own blackouts dates. Communication with all your teams is finally straight forward and easy.

Teams, Referees & Timekeepers

When the schedule changes, teams are automatically emailed. On game changes, referees and timekeepers will also be automatically notified. Arena staff can access the site so you don't have to send them your schedule.

DnC Scheduling Feature Set

Reach out to contact the NGHA - Visit the contact list at
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