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My name is Marilyn Mayard. I am excited to be the head coach for the Atom C team. This will be my 4th year as head coach. I’ve also been an assistant coach at the competitive level for 2 years and have been an on-ice helper for Quebec and BC selection camps.

I have played hockey and soccer at the highest level in Canada and played 4 years of University soccer in United States on a scholarship. I am thrilled to share my passion and knowledge with your daughters.


My goal is to give your girls a love for the game and to give them exposure to strong female role models. I will try to give the girls competencies that will help them get through life once their hockey career ends.

Hockey should be fun, and it will be. I will focus on basic skills development and give the girls the tools to compete at each and every game. I will teach the girls all the little things that make the difference. I will make sure there is very little idle time in order to maximize ice time and development opportunity. I will require effort and a strong work ethic. I will teach the girls how to be a well-rounded athlete. This is the best time to teach the girls all the fundamentals of becoming an athlete.
I also believe in fair ice time. The players cannot develop if they are not given every opportunity to do so.
Parental involvement in team events, organizational responsibilities and fundraising activities will be very important to make this a successful season.