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My name is Pascal de Brienne and I am excited to be one of the coaches of the Nepean Wildcats Bantam A team for the 2019/2020 season. I have been a coach or an assistant-coach in hockey over the last 10 years for both for NGHA and NMHA. Tina and I have three kids involved in multiple Sports so we are very aware of the commitment of competitive sports to families.

Congratulations to the Bantam A players



My objective as a coach is to create a team atmosphere within a discipline and cohesive framework where athletes can grow in ability (physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel that players should have something to strive for both individually and collectively for the team and I will challenge each player to reach their full potential. I believe in RESPECT for the game no matter the circumstances, whether it is your opponent, the officials, our own teammates or parents … we treat each other with respect at all times.

A team wins with humility and loses with dignity and nothing less will be tolerated.

The make-up of every team is different, and the win-loss record is not always indicative of success. While I believe winning and losing is also part of the game, I truly appreciate winning when it is the result of hard work by the players, their follow-through of game plans and the application of what they have learned from practices.


The girls will learn that I will look for three things all season long in both Practices and Game:
INTENSITY – to be constantly competitive, to be aggressive, to be hungry and relentless
ENERGY – know what it takes to stay Intense and know when it’s time to change – Stay fit for when you need it
EFFORT – When you are on the ice, you do your best to give your best at all times.

From the parents I expect your support, your engagement/participation, your enthusiasm …to be positive at all times.


The estimated team fees are $2100-$2300 per player. At the A level, games and practices will be 1.5 hour. Bantam Competitive A requires a significant commitment from athlete and family as we will typically be together 3-5 times per week. Frequent absences (beyond what's reasonable) are not just unfair to teammates but also to the excellent and serious players we will have to release. Over and above the monetary and time commitments, parents are expected to contribute in a variety of ways to maximize the experience for each athlete.

Tournaments (TBD) will likely be 3 out of town and 2 locals (plus the Provincials – must qualify)


NGHA has a deep and talented group of players at the Bantam level. This means there will be difficult release decisions made in conjunction with the NGHA independent evaluators. Players will be evaluated on their skill, hockey “IQ” and competitive intensity. Previous year level and team played for guarantees nothing. However, feedback from previous coaching staffs on a player’s work ethic, commitment and reputation as a good teammate will all be contributing factors in the selection process.

Some parents were disappointed with the decision to balance the two A teams. I completely understand and respect that every parent wants what they believe is best for their daughter. However, to ensure the best experience possible for everyone on our team, we need 17 players (and families) who will be excited to be selected to this team. Please ensure prior to participating in these tryouts that players and their parents have discussed and accepted the balanced teams approach and are committed to being a positive part of this team.

Good luck to all players at the tryouts!

Pascal de Brienne
Head Coach NGHA BCA

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