I am excited about the opportunity to coach the Bantam AA team this year. I have been involved in coaching for over 11 years at many different levels and capacities and have developed an interesting perspective from these years of involvement and observing. I plan on leveraging these experiences and incorporating lessons learned in my coaching approach this year. I consider myself a student of the game and take pride in continually learning.

As a coach, I will push the girls out of their comfort zone to be the best they can be. Practices will be high tempo and challenge them individually, focusing on the growth and development of the overall team play and concepts. There will be a real emphasis on teaching positional and team play and we will also introduce a fitness and training program.

Once tryouts are complete our team staff and all required positions will be determined.


In a nutshell, my philosophy is team first - I don’t want anyone or anything being bigger than the team. At this level of hockey, players should have figured out that you can’t have success unless everyone is working as one unit – we win and lose as a team.

As a coach, my intentions will be to build these values with the players as well as expect adherence to these from myself and the extended coaching staff.

Attitude – the only thing you can really control in life – bring a positive attitude to the rink everyday
Execution – don’t just talk about something – do it
Structure - have a game plan
Be prepared – Come to the rink ready
Be respectful - to the referees, coaches, trainer, parents, to each other and everyone in-between
Demand the best – push yourself and your teammates to be better
Be encouraging – motivate teammates
Stay focused – visualize your success
Take things in stride – never too high and never too low – there are always going to be bumps in the road, don’t let it consume you.
Be accountable – take ownership of your own improvement
Commitment – we need everyone
Communicate – talk to each other
Fun – enjoy the ride

When your legs give out on the ice what takes over?

Your heart. Without heart, all the talent in the world will not help you.


You need commitment to build a cohesive team. If you have any doubt that you can’t accept the above philosophy or feel the time and/or money commitment might not be achievable I suggest you reconsider trying out for this particular team. Depending on schedule, you can expect to be at the rink and/or dry land 3-5 times a week. It is expected that this team’s commitments take priority over all other sports and be aware that the hockey season could start as soon as June. The financial commitment over and above registration for this coming year will be approximately $2,750 depending on sponsorship and fundraising efforts.


I have to say, this is not a pleasurable time for the kids, parents and coaches alike as some tough decisions always need to be made, especially some of the last cuts. Please keep a positive attitude and understand there is going to be plenty of opportunity to join the team throughout the year because of injuries, etc. As coaches, it’s essential, where possible, to understand a player’s hockey history/DNA before tryouts as it is a challenge to get the full perspective of each player on and off the ice in only a very short period. This is why it’s important to be a respectful team player throughout your hockey career, on and off the ice. As coaches, we want to make sure we thoughtfully select players that will work together cohesively and support and encourage each other.


The proposed schedule is subject to change:

NAHA - September
Stoney Creek –September
Etobicoke – Pink the Rink – October
Showcase at St Lawrence or Clarkson - October
US Canada Cup – Kitchener/Waterloo - December
Kanata - January
NGHA - February
Aurora Silver Stick - February
Provincials – April (need to qualify)

Look forward to seeing everyone.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me through the on-line form available on the website.