Our primary focus is high level player development with an emphasis on team play in a positive environment. I firmly believe that development and enjoyment go hand in hand. The more prolific a player becomes on the ice the more enjoyable the game becomes and the vice versa. Our coaching staff will be committed to motivating, teaching and continuously encouraging the players to be creative. Practices will be well planned and run in line with Hockey Canada and USA Hockey guidelines – heavy in skill development balanced with team play, systems and strategy. Working hard will be expected as will working as a team which means all 5 players will be engaged both offensively and defensively in all zones of the ice.

Our main goals for this year is to create a positive atmosphere, prepare the players for subsequent years of competitive hockey and to foster a love of the game and team.


Player selection will not be undertaken without a huge amount of time, effort and consultation. Player assessment and evaluation involves coaches, evaluators, and independent evaluators provided by the NGHA, as well as information provided by previous year’s coaches. Players will be selected based on:
1. High skill level
2. High Hockey IQ/Game sense
3. Consistent effortful play
4. Positive player feedback derived from previous years of observation and previous coach assessments
For our part, we will endeavour to provide fair and constructive feedback and to maximize affiliation opportunities throughout the year. Regardless of the outcome, please help make this a positive experience for your daughter.


We anticipate the team fees to be in the neighbourhood of $2000 per player.
Please be aware that Bantam Competitive A requires a significant commitment from athlete and family as we will typically be together 3-5 times per week. Frequent absences (beyond what's reasonable) are not just unfair to teammates but also to the excellent and serious players we will have to release.
Over and above the monetary and time commitments, parents are expected to contribute in a variety of ways to maximize the experience for each athlete.
Proposed Tournaments (Subject to change)
SEPT. Oakville Harvest Classic
OCT. Rochester Fire and Ice
NOV. Kanata Girls hockey Association Competitive Tournament
JAN. NGHA 37th Annual Hockey Tournament
MAR. Leaside March Break Madness
APR. Provincial Championships (must qualify)

Note: Any off-ice training sessions will be added before or after selected practices in order to minimize days spent at the rink.
If anyone has any questions or comments, please contact us through the NGHA competitive on-line form.

Thank you,
Toby Burkitt
Nepean Wildcats Bantam Competitive AA