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Congratulations to the MCA Mike Speer Team

Thank you to all the players who worked hard throughout the Midget A Tryouts.
Congratulations to the following players who will be representing MCA - Team Speer this year.




We are thrilled to have been selected to coach the Nepean Wildcats MCA team for the upcoming 2019-20 season. Together, we have many years of experience as coaches in the NGHA, at the university level and as players. We can’t wait for the opportunity to share our hockey experiences, knowledge, and love of the game with high level athletes in a focused competitive environment.

My Philosophy

Sports are one of the best training grounds for life. As a coach you must be an educator first and the development of the players is priority one. Winning must be put aside and replaced with development, confidence and enjoyment. If you believe in your ability to lead, stay with your convictions, success will be the by-product. I will always use both victory and defeat as teaching moments to build on self-confidence and positive character traits such as discipline, self-motivation and self worth. I will focus more on effort rather than outcome.
"The journey is better than the Inn" - John Wooden

Each player deserves a chance to succeed in every aspect of hockey and life. My job as a coach is to help them achieve this success. Through hard work, dedication, truth, passion, fun and most important, love of the game and each other, every individual can be successful. My role is to guide these players to make the choices that will help in their journey on the ice and more important off the ice. Players will learn every day and so will their coach. Mistakes will happen and we look forward to them, it's how we react and embrace the mistakes so not to repeat them.
"There is a choice you have to make, in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make makes you." - John Wooden

Family Commitment

While it is the player who is on the ice for every practice, game, off-ice, etc. it is the whole family that will commit to the program. Understand that you are competing for a spot on a competitive team and with that there is a certain expectation that will need to be followed throughout the year. Success of the team is dependent on ALL our level of commitment, players, parents and coaches. With that said, I believe in a balance between hockey, school and family. I believe that more is NOT always better, we need a balance between hockey and life.

Proposed Tournaments

Oakville Hornets Harvest Classic - September
Etobicoke Pink the Rink or Clarington Applefest - October
Kanata Rangers - November
Whitby - December
NGHA - February
TBD – 1 more away tournament.
Provincials - Mid Apr. (TBD Need to qualify)

Team Building/Volunteer

Team, Team, Team. This is the message that will be front and center for the season. I am planning a team building event sometime late summer and other volunteer events throughout the year. We need our players to understand the importance of helping within the community.

Team Fees

I anticipate the team costs to be between $1800-$2000. This will be discussed at the first parent meeting of the season.
I wish all the girls the best of luck throughout the tryout process. Work hard, commit yourself to compete at your highest level throughout. If a player or parent would like to contact me, please fill out the form provided.

Mike Speer
Nepean Wildcats Midget A

Reach out to contact the NGHA - Visit the contact list at
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