Hello, and welcome to the 2018-2019 Hockey Season! I have coached hockey for over 25 years, and I have been given the privilege and honour of coaching the Wildcats this season. This is going to be a very exciting year. There is a great deal of hockey opportunity available to us, and it is my intent to take full advantage of all opportunities offered. I would like to provide you with some information regarding myself, my approach towards the game of hockey, and the plan for the team for the upcoming season.

From an organization stand point, the Nepean Wildcat’s Midget AA program will be aligned with Nepean's PWHL Intermediate AA. and Bantam AA. The teams will work closely together to develop all players in a club program. There will be combined conditioning and on ice programs for the four teams in different combinations throughout the summer and regular season.

Coaching Philosophy

Provide a challenging, positive, educational and enjoyable atmosphere for all players
Stress the importance of preparation, attitude and work ethic on and off the ice which leads to success in sport and in life
Stress the importance of team and community function while developing solid team and community skills
Create an atmosphere that will further a lifetime of enjoyment, friendship and physical fitness through the hockey season experience.
Get the players to want to represent their team, themselves and the NGHA with pride, dignity and class
Building a “TEAM” and having the players understand the importance of possessing team skills


Have a strong work ethic (“Hardest Working Team”) – Speed and Skill
“No Short-cuts” – “Workers Are Winners” … best effort at all times
Respectful of Others and the Rules – “Most Respectful Team”
No Negative Talk – Supportive of one another (Positive and Focused)
Have FUN – purpose of hockey is to grow as people. The right amount of direction versus the right amount of correction.
Develop the players “passion” for the game

Coaching Commitment

Significant Improvement of Skills
Positive Environment – Passion
Positive Growth Experience
Proper Perspective for Players & Parents
Singleness of Purpose for Players
a. Pride, Dignity, Class
b. Produce their very best
c. Part of a High Performance Environment
Life Skills Development
Seasonal Importance – Family, School, Team, Friends & Extra Curricular Activities


Player and family commitment is very important to the success of the team and is expected.
Depending on schedule, you can expect to be at rink or dry land 3-5 times a week. Family and school are everyone’s top priorities, but it is expected that this team’s hockey commitment take priority over all other sports. The financial commitment over and above registration for this coming year will be approximately $2800-$3000 depending on sponsorship and fundraising efforts.


Player assessment and evaluation will involve coaches, evaluators, and independent evaluators provided by the NGHA, as well as information provided by previous coaches.

Players will be selected based on
High skill level (skating, passing, shooting)
a. Coachability
b. Attendance/Commitment
c. High Hockey IQ/Game sense
d. The ability to create and take away scoring opportunities
e. Consistent, purposeful, effortful play in all zones of the ice
f. Player feedback derived from previous years of observation and previous coach assessments in regards to character, leadership and the ability to be a good teammate.

“Our 2 ESSENTIALS in player evaluation are Hockey Sense and Character – we would evaluate our potential prospects 60% off ice and 40 % on ice.”
Luc Gauthier – Scout Pittsburgh Penquins 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Champs


September NAHA Labour Day, Vermont
September Stoney Creek Midget Showcase
October Stanstead or Colgate/Syracuse University Exhibition Series
November USA North Country Shootout
December 1-3, 2017 - Brampton 2 Nations Tournament
January Ottawa Senators Showcase
February tournoi international hockey feminin de quebec

I look forward to seeing you all at tryouts and wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions, comments or concerns prior to that time please feel free to contact me through the on-line form available on the website.

Jaymes Greco
Head Coach
Nepean Wildcats Midget AA