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I am excited for the opportunity to coach the Midget C team this season. Jana and I have three girls in the NGHA and we have been involved coaching, managing and helping with all of their teams over the past 9 years. The main goals for the season will be teamwork, respect, effort and, most of all, having fun. I recognize this is a busy time in the lives of our girls. Family and school commitments come first but I will expect their full commitment to the team when they are at the rink.

  • Team First - Play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back
  • Respect - For themselves, their teammates and team staff, their opponents and for game officials
  • Attitude - Win like a winner, lose like a winner
  • Commitment - Full mental and physical effort at the rink
  • Success - Will not only be measured by how much they enjoy this season but, more importantly, over time if they continue playing and/or being involved in hockey
The girls should expect all of the above from me and from the coaching staff.
As this team is in the process of coming together, more details on staff, budgets, tournaments, etc. will follow as the information becomes available.
Thank you and I wish all of the girls the best of luck in the tryout!
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