My name is Justin Papineau and I am extremely excited to have the privilege of coaching the Nepean Wildcats Peewee competitive A2 for the upcoming season . This will be my 4 th year coaching but my first time as a head coach. I am really looking forward to a great season!

I am a father of two wonderful children who love hockey as much as I do. This year, my daughter will be playing at the peewee level and my son will be in novice. I have over ten years of experience playing hockey at a professional level. I played in the NHL for two years and then in Europe for four years of my career. I am excited to have the opportunity to pass on my experience and help develop the girls so they can achieve theirs goals as a team and as individuals.


To develop a safe and fun atmosphere on and off the ice to get the full potential from every player. To have the kids engaged, inspired and learning the necessary skills to get them to the next level. Making sure that parents are informed and involved to having a successful year.


Making sure I’m raising the level of play for each individual over the course of the year. Also making sure that every player feels like they are an integral part of the team and are making improvements during the season.


My vision is teaching the kids good work ethic and team play throughout the course of the year. These traits and attributes will help them on the path in life as individuals after hockey.

Yearly Goals

To address the rules of the dressing room and expectations from the coaching staff.
To address the goals of the team and effort levels from each individual.
To go over the roles of positioning offensively and defensively.
To introduce dry-land training early , nutrition and fitness in order to maintain good conditioning over the season.
High intense skating practice to ensure to condition after summer months.
Getting a feel for our forward lines and defensemen partners
100 percent effort for my players every time we step on the ice for practice or game!
irls are going to be tested in different circumstances and in be put tough pressure situations that we are going to be able excel and learn from.


The parents will play a big role this year in the in helping out the coaching staff with the team building events TBD as well as Fundraising and making sure the kids are Having Fun. I will be expecting to be on the ice 3-5 times a week , some weeks more then other. As state below we will be looking at 1700-2000$ per player this year and hopefully with some good fundraising we can cut some of the cost.

Team meeting
4-5 Tournaments TBD
Coaching certification
Kick off party
Goalie budget and camps

I am looking forward to working with your kids and having a fun and successful year! Good luck at tryouts and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Justin Papineau
Head Coach NHGA PCBB 2018-2019