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Any volunteer, for competitive teams, that have outstanding screening requirements; such as, Police Record Checks with Vulnerable Sector Screening (Criminal Record Check), Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (or Speakout), HU:  Planning a Safe Return to Hockey, and the Gender Identity and Expression course, will not be permitted to volunteer for the 2021-2022 season.

Any volunteer, for house league teams, that have outstanding screening requirements, such as Police Record Checks (with Vulnerable Sector Screening) or Criminal Record Check and/or Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders/Speakout past the due date, will not be permitted to volunteer for the 2021-2022 season.


In order to ensure the safety of NGHA players, volunteers who interact with players are required to undergo a Level 3 Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) through the Ottawa Police Service.  Volunteer positions that require a Level 3 VSS include:

  • Coaches and assistant coaches
  • Trainers
  • On-ice helpers
  • Den Moms
  • Managers
  • Any other team volunteer who interacts with players

If team treasurers do not interact with players, they only require a Level 1 Criminal Records Check (CRC).  However, treasurers typically obtain a Level 3 VSS check in order to ensure full compliance.

Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions or who have been charged with such offences that have not yet gone to trial but which continue to be prosecuted, shall not be eligible to hold any volunteer position with the NGHA. 

Player Safety

Volunteer Screening Requirements

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How often is a VSS / CRC required?

  • Volunteers are now required to obtain/ renew their VSS/CRC every three (3) years.
  • The Head of Certifications (nghacertification@gmail.com) can provide a volunteer letter in advance.
  • VSS/CRCs can be requested online at the Ottawa Police Service Website.
  • As of October 27, 2020, the background check fee for volunteers is $20.40.
  • Volunteers are responsible for paying the fee for the VSS/CRC. In cases of severe financial hardship, the volunteer can request reimbursement of the fee by contacting the VP of Operations (NGHAVPOps@gmail.com).

The Ottawa Police Service will return the completed VSS/CRC directly to the volunteer.  The volunteer must forward this to the Head of Certifications (nghacertification@gmail.com) who monitors compliance of all volunteers. The Ottawa Police Service will not send a VSS/CRC directly to the NGHA.


Criminal Offence Declaration Form

In compliance with the OWHA Screening Policy (Section 1.9), in the off-years when a VSS/CRC is not required, all volunteers must complete an annual Criminal Offence Declaration Form (CODF) confirming that they do not have convictions or outstanding charges under the Criminal Code of Canada for which a pardon has not been issued.

For example:

If a volunteer submits a completed VSS/CRC to the NGHA Head of Certifications in September 2018, they would be required to complete the CODF form in September 2019 and September 2020.  The volunteer would then complete another VSS/CRC in September 2021.

The on-line form to complete this declaration can be found here :


Submit your Criminal Offence Declaration


Notwithstanding the process above, please note that it is incumbent on all volunteers to inform the NGHA immediately if they have a criminal convictions or charges.  The process for this is set out below.


What If I have a Criminal Charge or Conviction? 

Section 5 of the OWHA Screening Policy sets out the types of offences which deem a volunteer ineligible to participate in any capacity.

If a volunteer has a criminal charge or conviction, they must contact the NGHA Vice-President of Operations immediately (NGHAVPOps@gmail.com) .   The Vice-President of Operations will directly oversee confirmation that the volunteer is ineligible to continue in their roll, and any follow-up actions required.


Safeguarding Privacy

The NGHA institutes a range of measures to protect the privacy of its volunteers.  The Head of Certifications is the sole custodian of all VSS/CRCs and CODFs.  This information is maintained in a manner necessary to ensure that the information is safeguarded.

In an instance where a volunteer has a criminal charge or conviction, the Vice-President of Operations will handle the matter directly with the volunteer (as set out above), and will only interact with the President and Director of Policy, Safety and Risk if necessary in order for the Association to take a final decision on volunteer status.   Note that it may also be necessary to consult the OWHA, depending on the nature of the charge(s) or conviction(s).



These screening requirements are in place to ensure player safety, as well as compliance with the OWHA Screening Policy.

If you have questions on the process for obtaining a VSS/CRC, or completing the CODF, please contact the Head of Certifications (nghacertification@gmail.com).

For questions on the NGHA screening process, please contact the Director of Policy, Safety and Risk (NGHApolicy@gmail.com) .



Speak Out/Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Activity Leaders is a requirement of the NGHA for every volunteer that works players. The cost for this program is $30, of which the NGHA will reimburse $20. A person will need to register as a new user - selecting Nepean GHA as their home association. Submit Respect in Sport results to Certification at NGHA.

Note that the NGHA will also accept completion of the Hockey Canada-approved Speak Out course in lieu of Respect in Sport, upon receipt of the course completion certificate.


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