Competitive Tryout Information

2024 - 2025 Spring Competitive Tryouts

Spring tryouts for U11, U13, U15 and U18 competitive teams will begin on April 19thThe full tryout schedule is available here.

U11 Competitive Tryouts Update 

The NGHA Executive Board discussed the timing of U11 competitive tryouts several times during this current season, and recently decided to hold tryouts for U11 competitive teams in the Spring. We understand that this is a change from our normal schedule of conducting U11 competitive tryouts in the Fall. We came to this decision primarily due to the numerous conflicts when organizing pathways and tryouts for U9/U11 at the same time as Boys pathways and competitive tryouts. A further complicating factor for Fall competitive tryouts revolves around the activities associated with starting our competitive season for all age levels. Please rest assured that we consulted with several other Girls Minor Hockey Associations across Ontario and discovered that many follow this format for Spring tryouts (U11-U18). 

U9 Competitive Tryouts Update

U9 competitive tryouts, pathways, and House League sortouts will be held in September.  Details and registration for all U9 sessions will be available later this summer.

To register for U11-U18 tryouts:



  • Tryout registration and fees must be completed and paid in full by Friday, April 12th at midnight.
  • Tryout registration fees are not the same as full-season registration fees. Season registration will take place after tryouts are complete and players have been assigned to a team.
  • Fees for U13-18 tryouts are $300 for players trying out for AA, $225 for A and $175 for BB and below.
  • Fees for U11 tryouts are $225 for players trying out for AA, $200 for A and $150 for B and below. 
  • The tryout fee is a flat fee and covers all tryouts sessions, so if a player is released from the AA or A tryouts, they can continue without additional fees at the BB and lower levels. Tryout fees are non-refundable
  • Players registered last season with another OWHA affiliated association must have a signed PTS form (found here) or a formal release from their previous association.  Before their first tryout session, documentation must be emailed to the competitive directors. 
  • NGHA Import Policy can be found here.
  • Players coming from outside of Ontario must contact OWHA prior to participating in tryouts to ensure they have met the specific eligibility requirements and registration procedures for out of province players.
  • Players require NGHA-issued tryout jerseys and if they do not have a set they can use from previous seasons, they must be purchased in RAMP at the time of tryout registration.  Jerseys cannot be purchased at the rink.
  • No player will be allowed on to the ice unless all documentation and fees are in order.


Player Selection:

Tryouts are a stressful period for everyone involved (parents/coaches/evaluators) but especially for our players who look to us as parents to be their role models. We ask everyone to remain calm, and display empathy and support for ALL players throughout this period.

For the majority of the players trying out the decision is relatively straightforward; however, there will be situations where players find themselves on the cusp and competing for a spot on a team and in this situation the Selection Committee may consult with previous coaches or team staff outside of the committee. In this situation they will be looking to verify a player's previous/on-going dedication to their NGHA team, attitude both on and off the ice towards teammates and team staff, hockey sense, and evaluations from their current coach in addition to the on-ice tryout session itself to render a decision.

Each division will have a “Selection Committee”:

  • Head Coach of the team.  The Head Coach may bring their own evaluator (cannot be a parent or related to anyone trying out at that age level) but the coach still only gets one vote. Note: the coach's evaluator is there to assist the coach only and will not be involved in the evaluation discussions with the Selection Committee. 
  • Up to 4 paid non-parent evaluators with hockey backgrounds who do not have a child or are not related to anyone trying out at that age level.
  • A member of the NGHA Competitive Committee* whose role is to oversee the evaluation process and ensure that all NGHA policies are being followed. Unless required this individual will not be fulfilling the role of an evaluator.
  • In situations where a discrepancy arises between the coach and non-parent evaluators, the NGHA Board member shall render a final decision. 

Other Information:

  • All releases will be posted on the NGHA website.  Every effort will be made to post the numbers the same evening as the tryout, but there may be times when they can only be posted in the morning.
  • The Head Coach will contact the final roster for each team. 
  • Parents must observe the 24-hour rule on the day after these announcements. The Competitive Committee will not respond to emails sent in this timeframe
  • The Selection Committee has the right to make selection decisions based on a player’s ability, potential, and the needs of a team, not just the position a player tried out for - a player who has tried out as a Forward may be selected for a Defence position and vice versa. 
  • Import players are subject to the NGHA Import Policy
  • All release and roster decisions are final and not appealable. 


Attendance: Injuries or missed tryouts:

  • If a player will miss a tryout session, an email must be sent to the competitive directors 48 hours in advance.  They will provide you with information regarding any impacts.
  • In the event of a player missing a tryout due to medical limitations, or absence for any other reason, the NGHA Competitive Committee will use past performance, coaching evaluations, previous season statistics and other pertinent information to place the injured or absent player at the level where they are most likely to experience success.
  • An injury or absenteeism may not mean automatic placement on a competitive team. Any team placement by the Competitive Committee is not appealable.
  • The injured or absentee player is still required to register and pay for tryouts in order to be considered.
  • If a player is unable to participate due to injury, a medical note must be provided stating she is unable to participate and when she is expected to return to play.


* NGHA competitive committee is made up of: 

  • NGHA President 
  • NGHA VP Operations
  • NGHA VP Programs
  • NGHA Competitive Director 1
  • NGHA Competitive Director 2


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