NEW: Parent Code of Conduct

Sep. 18, 2023

To ensure that the game remains a game, positive and constructive for all players, it is essential that each member of the NGHA (players, coaches, parents and Executive) maintain a high level of respect, camaraderie and composure towards the hockey community as a whole.

When a game is as physical and fast-paced as hockey, it is inevitable that tempers will occasionally rise, and poor judgment may occur. As parents, guardians, and coaches, it is our responsibility to encourage our youth to respect the game, the rules, and those involved. We must remember that children learn best by example. When we show positive attitudes towards the game, other players, coaches, and referees, our children benefit.

This policy presents the expectations for conduct from athletes/players, coaches, parents, volunteers, and all other members when participating in any NGHA-sanctioned event. We hold all our members to a high standard of sportsmanship and by enforcing this code of conduct it allows the NGHA to promote a safe, rewarding, and fun experience for all.

All parents must make sure to review, understand, and follow the new NGHA Parent Code of Conduct.


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